In Curve is a multiplayer snake game is now available on! Play it now for endless fun. Battle other players, collect power-ups (including custom ones) and level up. Earn coins by winning rounds in each tournament. Have fun!

Play Curve Fever Game Online

Curve Fever io Combination of classic tron and snake game. Complete with real players online.As the name suggests “curve fever” is simply a game that is all about making curves at the right places. Are you a flash game lover? Yes? Then you probably already know that your best flush game fever curve has a second version namely curve fever. If no, the do not worry you in the right place and after going through this article you will know more than you need to enjoy curve fever2.

In order to enjoy this you must have a version 12.0 flash player or a greater though new browsers support it by default so n need to worry much about that. To be able to play you must go to which is the games default website. From here select curve fever 2 on the top right corner of the web. The game will then load to 100% after which you will be asked to play, register or sign in. The game allows you to play as a guest so you can just select play to enjoy your curve fever 2. After loading the game there are sub-pages of new, refresh, Europe and find player and below that there are rooms that you can join. Some of the rooms are private and hence are password locked but most of them are open and are not locked. When joining the room you can either join to observe or join to play. When you join to observe your username will be shown under observing and you will be able to continuously watch other play. When you join to play you will see usernames marked with different colors to differentiate the users, in this mode you will play and the game goes on until one user wins the game. The winning user is then named. There is also a small box for chats on bottom left where users can get to interact.

Do you like flash games that relaxes your body, as very simple but needs well tactics and keeps your brain awake? Them you made a best choice with opening this webpage and decided to play CURVE FEVER. offers you two breath taking games: curve fever 1 and curve fever 2. Now, if you scroll upward you will be able to play curve fever 2. This is one of the best game in non-sport arcade and brain challenge game. Every player of this game is able to take part in amazing, well planed tournaments, to be on the first place on the rank in worlds best ranking system and win newest, useful and beautiful prizes. Now lets talk about how to do this.

Does not matter either you are toy or girl, are you gifted with special talents or not, do you like sports, entertainment, movies, TV Programmers or something like that, no matter neither you are adult nor child, curve fever is for everyone who likes killing time with enjoyment. Are you bored with long trip, flight or traffic jam? Don not worry curve fever 2 is made for you. Now lets talk about game.

As I said above paragraph, curve fever best flash game in the world. Because besides multi player, two-player and game opposite to computer curve fever 2 offers you breath taking and well planned tournaments with best ranking system. It is very easy to take part in it, because only needed to sign up and wait for tournament announcement often in weekends and urgently in every year. Who it and get a lot of prizes. We have a lots of experience of it. In 2004 we made first live tournament in Netherlands, after 3 years in Indonesia and later 2 years in Croatia although first online tournament was held in 2012 and winner was a 16 year old boy who got latest model of AMD graphics card. Are you going to be next? Them sign up now and start playing.

What about game rules? Curve fever is special flash game with easiest game rules, as you can play it while watching sport match, watching TV, listening music and even watching movie! Because it does need so much concentrate. Firstly you must sign up with any nickname you want or play as a guest. After that who are in game menu where you have to choose the color of your dot. When enough player will in game server, game starts! Every player has its own dot whip will located randomly in play field. Them you must use just two buttons to control your dot movement. They are moving at same speed. You must control it by moving it left or right. Although turning speed is limited as you cannot turn it as sharp as you want. According your control it paints a solid line which is not permanent. The line color depends on which color you have choosen in the game menu. Up to six opponent as doing same job and game field is covering with different lines. So game becomes nor difficult them it was one second ago.

You main mission is to not collide with line that you drew. Although as your opponents want to kill you they are drawing as much lines as they can. Because of this it gets hard and harder to not loose. But you must draw as much lines as you can too as your last opponent will collide with line you win!!! As you see game is not as easy as you think but I think you will win it. You can test it now. Just scroll up! Sign up! And rise winners cup! Good luck!!!!

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